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Yoga With Robyn

Robyn Loves You

Robyn is from sunny Florida. She feels so lucky to have found the yoga practice at age 16. Robyn started yoga thinking it would only be good to help her lose weight. Yoga did that for Robyn and much more! Flexible, strong and feeling amazing all the time inside and out. It became her medicine and therapy. She has always been passionate on helping others. Once Robyn found her niche with teaching yoga, this was it. Yoga is how she will help others. Robyn didn’t realize she would become the teacher she is today. Starting off part time and in only a few years grew to full time. There is never a day that Robyn doesn’t love what she does. Grateful and blessed to do what she loves everyday.

Love From Customers


Calandra Shepard

Robyn created a welcoming environment for me to try yoga as a beginner and has continued to motivate and challenge me in my practice for two years. I enjoy that she gives me the opportunity to challenge myself in each class, or keep it simple and just focus on my breath, depending on what I need that day. Her positive energy is energizing and uplifting. She has created a safe space and community centered around her classes, which keeps me coming back for more.


Jodi Renert

Not sure if they make teachers or humans better than they do Robyn at The Yoga Garage. Her yoga classes, private 1-1 sessions and workshops have been truly transformational. Always supportive, Robyn will motivate you to push yourself every day - on and off the mat. "Patience is a virtue” is an understatement with this soul! Words cannot describe the admiration and respect I have for Robyn!! Wise beyond her years and a true gem...So grateful our paths crossed and always look forward to being inspired.. I’d recommend any/all of her classes!


Angy Montoya

I started my yoga practice 5 years ago with Robyn. She was the instructor that always kept me coming back to the mat. Robyn taught me that it’s not all about the handstands and how flexible we are. It’s about staying present. Creating stillness and tranquility. Quieting the monkey mind. Learning to tune into the body and giving it exactly what it needs. My yoga practice is my self-care, what keeps my energy balance. Robyn provides an environment of freedom, excitement, challenges and most importantly a reminder on why we step on the mat, to always chase the practice not the perfection.


Kayla Goss

Robyn and her yoga changed my life completely. I Started with one private a week, which went to two and some weeks even 3! Doing yoga with her has helped me mentally and physically. Robyn's classes offer a challenge in a great way. Always telling us to listen to our bodies, just because I can do the ‘fun stuff’ doesn’t mean I should do it all the time and that has helped so much in daily life also. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU